Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owl Party Favors

Owl Party Favor Bags

So I can't take credit for this idea, I found these cute owl favor boxes on this blog: http://loriannmuse.blogspot.com and figured out how to make them.
Owl Favor Bags in Sure Cuts Alot

I designed the little boxes in my Sure Cuts Alot program for my Cricut. The program isn't the best or most user friendly but after messing with it for a bit I got the lines to "weld" which means if the lines intersect they wont cut. The circle at the bottom I only have there so that the front of the bags will have an arch to the top for the ears.

Owl Party Favor Bags

I made the bags/boxes from a thick piece of teal card stock and the other pieces from regular construction paper. I glued the ears, beaks, chests and drew on the black eyes before assembling the bags.

Owl Party Favor Bags

I recruited a few family members to help me put it all together, we did it in like an assembly line and we were done in no time!

Owl Party Favor Bags

I didn't take a photo of what we put into the owls, but we decided on brown malt balls, round pretzel cookies, (see example below, except not in Christmas colors, in blue and brown) and a couple pretzel sticks.

White Chocolate Round Pretzal Cookies


  1. Do you have aprintable for this design? It would be so helpful to me, my party is on Friday of this week. lol

    1. No, sorry. I have the cricut pattern in the sure-cuts-a lot program but nothing to print only cut. Sorry!

  2. Hi! Just wondering if you have the cricut pattern still ? I have a silhouette and I'm hoping i can use it.
    Thanks a lot