Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Waldorf Doll "Jaden" in her Soccer Uniform

Here is the second Waldorf Doll that I made... If you want to see the first one click here.
This one belongs to my middle daughter Jaden. Jaden named her doll "Little Jaden," they do kind-of look alike!

After accomplishing the massive task of creating these dolls I found myself with 2 naked dolls.... I needed clothes! So I made the dolls some simple white t-shirt and blue jeans, their "everyday wear" (you can see it here.) But special dolls need special outfits so I thought it would be cute if "Little Jaden" had a soccer uniform like big Jaden.

After making the shirt and shorts I realized that it needed more... shoes! So I crocheted some socks and shoes for her. And painted the soccer ball on to the shirt with fabric paint.

 I made a couple more dolls and are selling them on Esty. I plan on making some clothes for the dolls and selling them separately so keep checking!

Now both Jaden's are ready to play ball!!

Aren't they cute!!

She loves Little Jaden! Up next is to make both Sally and Little Jaden some night gowns- I was informed tonight that Little Jaden shouldn't be sleeping in her blue jeans, so stay tuned! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

My middle child, my baby girl had her 4th birthday right before Halloween. I made her a dress for her birthday photos (you can see it here) but the dress was inappropriate for a party at Chuck E. Cheese so I thought I would make her a shirt to match the theme of her party, Strawberry Shortcake.

Girl in Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt with birthday cake

Here is how I did the shirt:

Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt

First I traced a Strawberry Shortcake from Jaden's coloring book.

Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt Design

I reversed the image and traced out the color sections on to the fusible interfacing then ironed it onto the felt and the felt pieces onto the shirt before I zig-zaged along all the raw edges with the appropriate color thread. If you need a photo tutorial on how to do this you can see/read it here.

Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt

The face details were so small that I thought I would try painting them. I think it turned out good!! I was worried that the detailed painting matched with the chunky zig-zag stitching would look funny but I think that it made her more recognizable because I didn't have to compromise details.

Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt

Jaden was thrilled with it so that is all that matters!

Girl wearing Strawberry Shortcake Applique T-Shirt

I think I am getting better at appliqueing! Here are some of my past creations: Gerald & Piggy, Owl Sweatshirt, Soccer ball T-Shirt, and Jay Bird Soccer bag.

Next, the cake...

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Again I used Jaden's coloring book and traced out the image onto the iced cake. Then I just outlined the image with chocolate icing and then filled it in.

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Tasted good, too!  Happy Birthday Jaden!

Girl in Strawberry Shortcake T-shirt Birthday Cake

Girl in Strawberry Shortcake T-shirt Birthday Cake

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Simplicity Pattern 2320

My middle daughter turned 4 right before Halloween. I always take my kids' pictures on their birthday and I like to plan on something special for them to wear because the photo is up on display in our house for a year (and I really hate to look at a photo I am not happy with!!)

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

For Jaden's birthday this year I made her dress using Simplicity Pattern 2320. It is a project runway pattern, the first I have used, but other than the possible variations you can choose, the pattern is as simple as any Simplicity pattern and easy to understand.

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress
I choose the cap sleeve version but didn't want to do any bow/button/ribbon embellishments on the front panel. After completing the dress I realized that it needed "something." So I opened the seams on the side of the front panel and inserted a belt.

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

I added the belt not so much for a better fit but just to add a little pop of color. I made the size 4 and it is a little big, which I expect now from Simplicity, but since I am hoping that she will be able to wear this dress in the spring and summer next year I didn't tailor it to her now.

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

The only thing I dislike about this dress is the arm holes... I think they are a little too big. (see photo?) I am assuming that with the cap sleeves the extra room in the arm holes make the sleeves not too constricting so she is able to lift her arms? It is not a noticeable problem, I just noticed it here in this photo. I might try to make the sleeve holes smaller the next time I use the pattern but I will have her test it out to see if she still has good arm mobility before I finish it.

Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Girls Dress

I reviewed the pattern on Sewing Pattern Review, you can read it here.

I also made a little dress out of the same material for the Waldorf Doll I made for Jaden. She named her doll Little Jaden, not as unique as my youngest name for her doll, Suzy (you can read the blog link here.) I am selling Waldorf Dolls on Esty now, you can take a look at my store here.

Waldorf Doll Dress and Simplicity 2320 Project Runway Dress

Hope ya'll are having a good day!