Monday, April 29, 2013

KNOCK IT OFF---- Spring Series at Elegance & Elephants

I am participating in Elegance & Elephants' series- "Knock it OFF!" It starts on May 1st and I am up on May 2nd!
Make sure to check in all month to see what creations that these fantastic bloggers have chosen to knock-off...  and be sure to check back here on Thursday to see what I've made!!
Elegance & Elephants

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oliver + S After School Shirt Dresses

I love Oliver + S patterns. They are really expensive or I think I would own all of them. I do own this After School Shirt & Pants Pattern.
I have made the shirt pattern into a dress this winter for some versatile dresses that my girls got A LOT of use out of (you can check it out here).
So I thought that a couple spring dresses would be worn just as much.
I love the pattern, it is simple and comes together quickly. I changed the sleeves to 3/4 length and increased the length of the shirt (using one of their existing dresses as a guide) into the length of  a dress.


The dresses are perfect for play because they are lightweight and non constricting. And they are perfect for spring with a bold color on the yoke and sleeves and a fun stripe print with contrasting bright and subdued colors on the skirt.

It was chilly the day of these photos but the dresses look cute with no leggings and sandals also.
~ Jessica

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colorful Birthday Dress (Simplicity 1949)

I like to make my kids something special to wear in their birthday photos every year (it is getting more and more difficult to do with my son, who just turned 9).

This March my youngest turned 4 and here is her birthday dress for this year....

I used Simplicity Pattern 1949 with the 3/4 length sleeves.
This isn't the first time I did this pattern (Hand painted Earth Day Dress )...
But it is the first time I did the 3/4 length sleeve.
The pattern is easy to follow and came together quickly. The unique way the pleats cris-cross across the front are my favorite part of the pattern (it is easier to see the pleats in the solid color earth day dress above).
I like the solid color top and sleeves with the print on the bottom, it keeps the dress from getting too busy. I also sewed a large ric-rac ribbon across the bottom of the top yoke because I thought it needed "something" to add visual interest to the top half of the dress.
The back closure is 3 buttons, instead of a zipper, which I find easier to do.  So the dress didn't take long at all and turned out to be a great dress for spring.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Monkeying Around!

My youngest daughter's room I am slowly in the process of completing her transition into big girl room. I found myself really busy this year with a lot of volunteer opportunities and going to get my teaching certificate that I haven't had much time to spend blogging or completing the 50 tasks I have planned out for home improvement and decorating projects around the house. I finally finished the art work for her walls though.... Monkeys!
I just painted them with acrylic paint on canvas, 11 X 17.
They add a nice whimsical touch to the room and with some art on the walls the room already looks more complete.... now to refinish her chest of drawers.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Casual Princesses

My two girls, 4 and 5, are in love with Disney Princesses, especially my youngest who has all the baby dolls and barbie dolls of each and every princess. Rapunzel and Merida are her favorite, where my eldest likes the older more traditional Snow White and Cinderella.

So my darling little princesses got a special night out with their dad to see Disney on Ice, Rockin' Ever After. They wanted to wear their Halloween costumes..... but I thought that a more casual outfit was more appropriate.

I decided to go with Snow White and Rapunzel since their outfits were more recognizable by the color palette than say Merida or Cinderella.
I used Simplicity Pattern 3511, the tunic with sleeve variation F.

For the red and blue sleeves, I just sewed stripes of red fabric (used ironable interfacing) onto the blue sleeves before attaching to the shirt.

I did the same for the Rapunzel sleeves. For the front faux tie I used interfacing to iron on the pink fabric with the rolled over edge, then stitched around the edges. Then hand stitched on a bow.... done!

The pattern is easy and came together quickly and I finished both shirts in a couple hours the night before the event.

They are perfect tops for the casual princess!