Friday, August 30, 2013

Freezer Paper Stenciling Team Shirts

I LOVE to design and paint shirts using the freezer paper technique- I think I have made close to 50 shirts at this point but they turn out really cute, they are easy to do, I get the shirts at the dollar store so they are cheap, how can you beat that!
Up next are some practice shirts I made for my daughters' soccer team. I am the coach of the team and thought that we needed some practice shirts.
I designed a retro feeling logo with Adobe Illustrator and cut it out of freezer paper with my cricut.
Using the cricut makes this a really easy process, even with placing all the insides of the letters and the soccer ball pieces, these shirts come together pretty quickly.

Since I got these shirts at the dollar store the whole project cost me less than $10.
I made myself and my best friend Janie (the assistant coach) both coach's shirts to match the team.

 At least with my freezer paper stenciling addiction I am coming away with some really cute shirts =)


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kickin' Asphalt Shirts for the Diva Dash

I ran in my first race last month, it was a 5k obstacle race hosted by Shape Magazine called the Diva Dash.  My sister had signed up and created a team of friends to join her.
So we made team shirts! I designed the team logo using illustrator and used my cricut to cut out 5 designs from freezer paper.
Iron the freezer paper on to the shirts and this becomes a stencil to you to brush fabric paint (using a sponge brush)on to.  Let it dry and peal off the paper....

I also wanted our names on the back but since they were tank tops my placement was limited so I put our names across our bottoms =)

We looked great and had a great time!
I have really been on a freezer paper stencil kick lately, I just finished my 6 player soccer team's practice shirts also (next post!)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Milk & Cookie Birthday Party

My adorable little nephew just turned 1! I can't believe it has been a year already since I made these shirts for my family to meet him in the hospital.

He had a milk and cookie themed party. And I designed the invitations. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw out the design.

 I also helped my sister out while she made dozens and dozens of cookies by making the cookie cake.

I used 3 chocolate circular cakes with a thin layer of icing in between for the base. And for the cookies on the top I carved the cookie shape out of 2 white circular cakes. Since the shaping left all the edges crumbly I had to do 2 layers of icing to cover the cake crumbs that mixed into the icing.

I then stuck real chocolate chips into the cookie on the top. I used larger bakers chocolate chips for decoration around the bottom and top of the base cake.

I think Liam thought my cake was awesome!

I also made a chalkboard poster for a photo prop with all of Liam's first year information. There are a lot of them on Etsy right now that are hand painted with pen markers but I am a little more indecisive, I like to place something try it out, move it around, change the font, see where it looks best.... so I did my poster on the computer.
 I used Adobe Illustrator but you could use any vector based design program. I downloaded my favorite chalk board fonts from or you could use the links from this site:

I took the file to staples and printed a engineer print, only cost $3.46. Then I used spray adhesive to attach the paper to a black foam board then cut off the white border and voila! Done.

My sister had tons of unique, special touches to make this party awesome, these were just my contributions.