Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am now the proud owner of.... AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! My old sewing machine was old, real old. But the advances made in sewing technology is astonishing to me. I know most of y'all reading this have sewing machines built in this century and probably will get a laugh out of the fact that I didn't know a sewing machine could cut it's own thread, thread the needle, have an option to stop the machine with the needle up or down, sew on a button, make a blind hem stitch, have 7 different button hole styles.... I could go on and on because I really love this machine. Well, it is an embroidery machine and came with 70 designs, none of which I like, so I started with applique first (until I can figure out how to download new embroidery designs to the machine).
So my first applique project was this owl sweatshirt for J-Bird:

And my next, note I did figure out how to attached the embroidery arm, hoop, and foot to embroidery a name =), a personalize T-shirt. ohhh, I am having so much fun!

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