Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little Liam's Lion

Crochet Plush Lion
This is my nephew Liam. It seems like just yesterday we welcomed him into this world (shirts we wore to the hospital). But in reality it's been almost 5 months and like 5 month olds- he chews on everything and loves bold contrasting toys. 
I kept this in mind while I picked an animal to crochet him for Christmas. Looking through a file I have on my ipad of images I saved from the Internet (back before Pinterest) and I found this photo of a crocheted stuffed lion...
Crochet Plush Lion
he is so cute! Since I saved the file I don't have the link to see who's photo or pattern this belongs  to(I can't find it on a google images search either?) so if you know please leave me a comment and I will place the link to this original lion.
Crochet Plush Lion
It was a pretty easy pattern to figure out, I just made the body a rectangle and the arms/legs tear drop shaped. Really it is the face and mane that make him so unique and lovable.
Crochet Plush Lion
I made him about 12 inches tall and the body about 5 inches wide. This turned out to be the perfect size for him to hold and use for a pillow.
Crochet Plush Lion
Liam really loves the lion and rolled over just to reach for him a couple weeks ago... it's nice to be appreciated =)


  1. It's truly one of his favorite toys. He was cracking up at it just the other day at Mi Cocina. Thank you Auntie Jessica!!!!! You're gifts are always appreciated- they're so unique. Not every kid has a "Timothy the Lion" to take everywhere. It's now in the diaper bag as a must have!