Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pokemon Birthday

For my son's birthday this year he choose a Pokémon theme. The cake and cupcakes turned out so cute I just had to share.

The character is Pikachu, some kind of character from the Pokemon cartoon series.

I got inspiration for the cake from Pinterest.

I used graham crackers for the ears. I "sawed" them into the point with a knife very slowly (they will break easily if you don't saw back and forth slowly). Then covered them in icing for the correct coloring.

For the cupcakes I used candy corn for the ears (covered them with icing to make them the correct color) and chocolate chips for the eyes.

I think they turned out cute and his class knew what they were instantly, so at least they were recognizable!


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  1. Such an amazing birthday cake! I just loved it. I will be organizing a Disney themed party for my son and looking for some ideas for Disney parties. Also have shortlisted couple of good Chicago venues for the party. Hopefully will be able to arrange everything!