Monday, May 12, 2014

Maxi Dresses for Little Girls

Maxi dresses are a big trend right now and about a year ago I started see little girl maxi dresses on Etsy. I thought I would make a couple of chevron ones for a friend's little girls on their birthday.

They turned out fantastic so I thought I would make my daughters each one to wear for church. I used McCall's Pattern M5838. I took the bodice from version C but the length from F minus the ruffle from C. Confused? Let me explain.... 

I used the all the pieces from version C except the skirt from and back. True to size I made both of my girls size 6 (even though one is 5 she has the waist size of her sister). Then I took the skirt pieces from version F and subtracted the 3.5 inches off the bottom to account for the ruffle on the bottom.

I like the way the bodice fits and the way the ruffle adds added interest to the bodice.

I did swap out a zipper for 3 buttons on the back instead.

The girls love the dresses and like to wear them as dress up clothes to pretend they are the princesses from Frozen. I will certainly be using this pattern to make more dresses, most likely another set of these maxi dresses but I am curious on how version F will look on my 6 year old so that might be next.  Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!