Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Refashion

Using the same idea that I used making the Rocker Boy T-Shirt Dress I refashioned 2 more old shirts into dresses by using fabric from old maternity pants.

The other refashioned dress has turned out to be a  favorite of my oldest daughter so I thought I would use some old clothes that were destined for Goodwill and see if I could hit another home run.

And this time I happened to have 2 of the same shirts in different sizes- both with the same problem, way to short!- so I made matching dresses.

Here are the shirts:

And here are the maternity pants:

I cut the pants into strips and sewed them together into 3 loops (for each dress). I attached a 3 1/2 piece of fabric to the shirts that I attach the ruffles to. I should have taken a photo of this but if you need a visual you can check out my tutorial on Rocker Boy T-Shirt Dress.
Because the fabric I used for the ruffles were a kind of cotton blend (not t-shirt material) I did have to hem the ruffles on the top and the bottom of each one. Attach them to the extra fabric and Ta DA! you have a dress!! or two...

I paired the dresses with a couple pair of legging shorts I made from old t-shirts a couple months ago: post here. 

And here is what we get: 

Dresses as comfortable as a t-shirt.

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  1. What a Awesome Idea Love them also a Wicked idea for recycling unwanted Clothing Cheer Kylie :)