Saturday, July 2, 2011

Refashioning 2 Shirts into a Dress

So I am going to pull a couple of items out of my goodwill pile and see if I can make them into something usable again. In my first attempt I found a shirt that was too short and never worn by either girl. (I hate it when their little tummies stick out.)
And a shirt/dress that the girls also never worn because the sleeves were always too tight. The colors and pattern looked good together so an idea was born...

I took the bottom half of the shirt/dress, cut a little off the flower pot shirt and added a strip of pink scrap fabric for a belt.

I sewed the top and the bottom together and then sewed the pink belt onto the raw edge.
then flip the pink belt up and fold under, sew around and you are done!

On hint to making this turn out is matching the width. If the bottom bigger and you will need to gather it before attaching and if the top is bigger you might think about adding fabric to the bottom to make it the same width as the top.

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