Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Little Soccer Supporter

This is Jules, she is only 2 so she isn't allowed to be on a soccer team like her brother and sister. But I knew the day they handed out uniforms was going to be a bad one for the littlest J that would not get a soccer shirt. So I thought I would applique a soccer shirt for her to wear in her sister's team colors to all the games.

First you start with a drawing. Then you trace the shapes onto the fusible interfacing and you will need a circle for the ball. cut out of the interfacing also.

Iron the paper onto the fabric and then cut out the shapes. Peal the paper off the back side and iron them onto the white ball.

Here is what it looks like with all the pieces in place and ironed on. The white ball still has the backing on the interfacing (you will iron it on to the shirt in the last step).

Next stitch the lines that are the ball seams .

Then stitch around all the black shapes (that way you cover all the starting/stopping lines from the seams). 

Next remove the backing from the ball and iron it onto the t-shirt. Last step is to stitch around the outside of the ball and you're done!

A perfect way to support your team in style!

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