Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adding an Applique to Give New Life to an Old Bag

Yes, another soccer related post.... Sorry but I am the coach of my 3 year old daughter's soccer team. That means I have to plan practices, notify parents of information, snack schedules, games etc. And so I have a couple things I take to every practice and game (including my wistle, which I kept misplacing till I made this bag!) so I needed a bag to carry it all in, (not to mention to keep it in all the other days of the week that I wasn't being a coach.) So I found this nice bag at Goodwill:

But it has this ugly logo on it. Oh, what to do, oh yeah I know how to applique...
So I desided since I already appliqued a soccer ball I would do something a little different and do a Jaybird (the name of our team). I found this cute little guy on this website:
I drew him out on paper, traced him on to fusible interfacing, ironed it on to the fabric and cut him out...
(If you need a better instruction with photos you can read how I did it here.)

Now all that was left was to iron it onto the bag and sew all around the brid and the ball. (I did figure out how to use the period on a font that came with my embrodery machine to make the eyes on the bird so they turned out little perfect circles with little effort from me.)

So here is my new coach's bag:

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