Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Cascading Ruffle Skirts & Appliqued Shirts

This summer when the days were long and hot, I started taking the kids to the Kids Workshop at the Home Depot. The kids love it and it gave us something to do on Saturday mornings. The last one that we went to (before soccer started to consume our weekends) they handed out orange Home Depot t-shirts. But they were in adult sizes, not child, so what to do with 3 huge bright orange t-shirts?
Then I saw this blog on Lil Blue Boo: Cascading Ruffle Skirt
And thought: Halloween Skirts!

The tutorial was easy to follow and the skirts easy to make, time consuming with all the ruffle sewing going on but still they turned out to make it worth it. The first skirt I made I followed the instructions to sew the eleastic into the skirt but it didn't come out as evenly gathered as I like; so the second skirt I just made a casting for the elastic to be threaded through and I think that worked better.
I found some cute Halloween designs and drew them on to the iron inerfacing, ironed onto the fabric, then zig zag stitched them onto the shirts.

The girls like their outfits... and they look comfortable to play in.

Hope y'all are having a good October so far!

Ladybird Ln

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