Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Superhero Costumes

So when deciding on the kids' Halloween costumes this year I thought of all the handmade costumes in the box in our attic and decided that it would nice if these costumes got to be worn more than once. So I took a look in the girls dress-up clothes box and thought superhero capes would be a nice addition to their pretend play.... and I suckered in my son because I thought it would be cute if they all matched =)

Once I made the capes and masks I thought the costumes needed more- so I made boot covers, belts and wrist covers.

The design was simple- I cut out the capes from 2 pieces of fabric, appliqued the J's and lightening bolts before stitching the 2 right sides together, and then flipping it inside out.

I did the same for the wrist bands. I used velcro the length of the covers so that they fully closed. 

For the boot covers I used the tutorial on eHow: click here. 
I also used this diagram for my measurements:
Create a Footwear Cover Pattern 
You will need the tutorial here: to understand the diagram.
I sandwiched some quilting batting in between 2 pieces of fabric to give the covers a little bit of stiffness so they hold their shape. I appliqued some lighting bolts on them also because I thought they were too boring. I sewed a piece of elastic on the underneath of the boot covers to hold them down and on the shoes.

Next I added the "J" belt to break up all the black. I just used Velcro to close the belt which makes it a little more adjustable also.

And there you have it- a League of Superheros! or the Super J's!

All you evil doers better watch out...

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