Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventure Time!

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!
My son is in LOVE with the show. He actually told me this week "I am so glad today is Monday, because a new Adventure Time comes on tonight." To be honest I have never seen the show, but with all my "research" I put in to making his Adventure Time Painted Shoes for Christmas I know all the charaters' names and can draw them all. =) I am sure that this is time I will never be able to recoup. But with his birthday coming up I know what the theme for this year will be!!
I thought it would be a neat gift to make him a set of Adventure Time characters for his birthday (it's in March so I will have plenty of time). Here are the first:
Finn and Jake:

Finn the Human

Jake the Dog

Ready for adventure...

Stay tuned for Princess Bubblegum and Rainicorn!!


  1. These are way awesome and my two boys are the same. Do you possibly have a pattern you might be willing to share cuz I've been online forever trying to find a pattern to make some for my boys

    1. I am actually in the process of typing up the pattern for Etsy, but would love a pattern tester before I sell it, if you are interested let me know & when I finish I will send it to you.

  2. Hi there. May I know is the pattern available?

  3. Sorry it took me so long did you still need a tester?