Monday, January 2, 2012

Piggie & Gerald Crochet Dolls

Piggie and Gerald Hand Crocheted Dolls

One of the projects that I worked on during this Christmas break was some Gerald and Piggie dolls/figurines for my son. He is a HUGE Mo Willems fan (he even had a Piggie and Gerald themed birthday party this year: read about it here and here.)  If you don't know who Piggie and Gerald are then go to the library!! The Piggie and Elephant Books by Mo Willems are my son's absolute favorite. He has read every book about 30 times each. So I thought that some little cute figurines to act out their adventures would be a great idea for him. Here is what I came up with...

Piggie and Gerald Crocheted Dolls/Figures

Crocheted Piggie and Gerald Dolls/Figurines

They are made entirely from my own pattern, (really proud of myself, this is my first).
I am going to make another set to sell on Etsy, hopefully it goes faster than this trail and error first set I made. I might even sell the pattern after a few more sets (need to make sure that the pattern makes sense.)

Crochet Piggie and Gerald Dolls based off of Mo Willems books

The dolls are crocheted with felt eyes (and mouth for Piggie). I embroidered Gerald's glasses and mouth and Piggie's snout and eyebrows.

Crocheted Piggie and Gerald Dolls

Piggie and Gerald handmade dolls/ figurines

Piggie and Gerald Crocheted Dolls

If you are interested I have a pair listed on Esty, you can click here.

Piggie and Gerald Handmade Dolls


  1. I rarely leave comments on blogs, but I found you via pinterest and these two rock! Please make a pattern!! I do not crotched, but I would beg my sister-in-law to make them!

  2. I have been searching for a pattern for these guys! I am very interested if you have one!

    1. I have the pattern being tested right now! As soon as she finishes up the pig I will post the pattern! Thanks for your interest!

  3. Are you making any more of these to sell on Etsy? I'm VERY interested in these for my almost 5 year old Gerald and Piggie fan!

  4. These are incredible! If your pattern isn't ready yet, I'd be willing to test it and give you feedback. I'd love to make these for my son for his 5th birthday.

  5. Love these little guys! I was just wondering if you ever got the pattern tested and if it was available anywhere. My niece would love these for Christmas. :) thank you.

  6. Your Pattern does not make any sense......I now have to figure out how to change the trunk.......add picture`s an not silly drawings.

  7. I'd love to be able to purchase this pattern ... Does anyone know where I might be able to still? My niece is having a Mo Willems 5th birthday party and she would be beyond excited to have these guys. TIA

  8. Did you ever put out your pattern?