Monday, June 11, 2012

Appliqued Bunny & Monkey Marker Bags

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags

So, I finally completed one item on my Future Projects List, marker travel bags for the girls. I put this on my to-do list back at Christmas after making my nephew, Ethan, one. The girls love to draw/color and we often find ourselves in places that are "boring."  So I thought that these would deter the boredom for a little bit.

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art BagsAppliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags

Here's how I made them:
I started with these pieces:
2 main bag pieces: 20" X 9.5"
1 inside marker pocket: 5" X 16"
Small inside tablet pocket 1: 4.5" X 9.5"
Large inside tablet pocket 2: 7" X 9.5"

I made an outside pocket for some twist up crayons I found at the store, but the pocket can be sized to fit regular crayons.
Front pocket: 5" X 9"
Front pocket flap: 4" X 8"

For each one of these pieces (except the main bag pieces) I created a bias tape edge across the top.

Next just layout all your pieces and pin.

Actually put the markers into the bag and pin around them, this way no math is involved. Do this for the crayon pocket on the outside of the bag also. The outside pocket flap I just rolled the raw edge under and sewed it to the bag.

After you stitch everything down it is time for the applique.

Iron the pieces down and zig-zag stitch around the applique..

I made 2.5 inch bias tape, which folds down to .75" to stitch around the entire bag (placing the outside and the inside of the bag together, wrong sides). Insert the handles into the bias tape at this time.

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags

I also used a piece of bias tape to sew down the middle on the outside and inside of the bag. Next attach Velcro to the top and you are done!

Hope this will keep my little ones quiet on this 13 hour car trip I am going on in 2 days!

Appliqued Travel Marker/Art Bags