Friday, June 8, 2012

My Son's First Sewing Project: Sock Monkeys

A couple weeks ago I ran across this tutorial on CraftPassion to make sock monkeys. I thought they were SO CUTE! And when I ran into the 99 cent store and found the cutest colored socks I knew I had to make a couple. I also thought that I would get the kids involved in this project to kill an afternoon...

I did a couple things "wrong" from the tutorial- 1. I didn't read before I started cutting and you are suppose to sew first then cut! That would have helped my son out since it was his first time to use the sewing machine but for me it was no problem.

2. I bought the knee high socks thinking I would cut them off to make the legs and arms shorted but then decided to leave them long. I think they look a little funny with such long limbs but the kids love them like this. They are able to tie them anywhere, around the bunk bed rafters, ceiling fan, their necks, each other....

My son is 8 and I thought I would let him try his hand at sewing.

He did pretty good!

I had the girls help stuff the arms and legs.

Now they walk around claiming they made theirs also...

Jace's least favorite part was the stuffing, mine too since all 3 of the kids quit and left me to finish!!

Here is his finished monkey... a few mistakes, but they give the monkey character =)

There was some hand stitching involved as well as sewing on buttons. I think these good skills that as a grown man will serve him well (I hope my son will be able to hem his pants or fix a button on his dress shirt with out going to a tailor when he is older).

I embroidered their names onto the bottoms of the animals, as well as the date for Jace's to remember when he made it.

The monkeys are being well loved: they are being dragged around the house, swung around by their tails, and being tied to just about everything.

All in all, fun summer project! 

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