Monday, May 13, 2013

McCalls 5838- Easter Dresses

I made my girls Easter Dresses this year using McCall's Pattern 5838.
I went with dress option B.

Instead of using a zipper I choose to do 3 buttons instead--- I made the dresses a little big so that the girls can wear the dresses all through the summer and buttons make it easy to "let the dresses out" as they get a little bigger the next couple months.
The pattern was easy to understand and I finished both dresses in one night. I do have to say where I have found woman McCall's patterns to run small, this girl pattern was right on. The girls are wearing size 5 right now so I made them size 6 dresses and they are true to this size.
I really like the gathered details on the top of the bodice (the lining underneath is flat), it adds a little interesting detail.
In a weird coincidence I had both an orange and blue cardigan that matched the dresses perfectly.

I love it when things work out like this! The girls have been able to wear these dresses several times to church because the cardigans made them weather appropriate.


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