Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Appliqued Messenger Bags

I think that I will start off this post with a glowing recommendation for Oliver + S patterns. I don't own as many as I would like because they are so expensive but for my birthday a couple years ago I received Little Things to Sew and have found many favorites in the book.
The pattern that I have made the most is the Messenger Bag, they come together so quickly and professionally. I have made both the large and small bags:
My newest bags are small ones for my daughters to carry some toys with them for when we are running around town this summer.

I appliqued one of the gray bags with a monarch butterfly.
I used the same butterfly template I sketched out for the Rainbow Butterfly Skirt I made last year. But instead of putting the rainbow colors behind the black butterfly cut-out, I put just plain orange fabric. The white dots are just white fabric paint.
I lined the bag with the same orange- I love the sharp contrast of the monochrome bag with the bright orange.
The second bag I made I chose to honor my Texan roots and applique the state flower, a Bluebonnet, onto the bag.
I used the same technique of placing the colored fabric under the black cut out of the flower before zig-zaging around all the raw edges.
I lined this bag with the middle shade of blue (used in the flower applique).

I am in love with these bags and am brainstorming right now what to applique on one for me that won't be too kid-ish.
Hope you all are having a great summer!


  1. I was just searching some easy painting ideas.. and it get your blog.. so nice blog you have.. you are a versatile artist...

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