Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Milk & Cookie Birthday Party

My adorable little nephew just turned 1! I can't believe it has been a year already since I made these shirts for my family to meet him in the hospital.

He had a milk and cookie themed party. And I designed the invitations. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw out the design.

 I also helped my sister out while she made dozens and dozens of cookies by making the cookie cake.

I used 3 chocolate circular cakes with a thin layer of icing in between for the base. And for the cookies on the top I carved the cookie shape out of 2 white circular cakes. Since the shaping left all the edges crumbly I had to do 2 layers of icing to cover the cake crumbs that mixed into the icing.

I then stuck real chocolate chips into the cookie on the top. I used larger bakers chocolate chips for decoration around the bottom and top of the base cake.

I think Liam thought my cake was awesome!

I also made a chalkboard poster for a photo prop with all of Liam's first year information. There are a lot of them on Etsy right now that are hand painted with pen markers but I am a little more indecisive, I like to place something try it out, move it around, change the font, see where it looks best.... so I did my poster on the computer.
 I used Adobe Illustrator but you could use any vector based design program. I downloaded my favorite chalk board fonts from or you could use the links from this site:

I took the file to staples and printed a engineer print, only cost $3.46. Then I used spray adhesive to attach the paper to a black foam board then cut off the white border and voila! Done.

My sister had tons of unique, special touches to make this party awesome, these were just my contributions.


  1. Which program did you use in Adobe to create that darling sign?

  2. Jessica, greetings from SoCal.
    Beautiful work!
    What is the name of the font that you used for the word Liam?

  3. do you know the name of each font used? i know thats alot to ask, however i love the look of your board and am not a crafty person so help is appreciated thanks

    1. The font I used for the name at the top is called Engraver. But I layered the font, I put to one in the back with a thick white outline and then I place the same letters on top (in the same font) but this time with a black outline and a white center.
      Hope this helps!