Friday, August 30, 2013

Freezer Paper Stenciling Team Shirts

I LOVE to design and paint shirts using the freezer paper technique- I think I have made close to 50 shirts at this point but they turn out really cute, they are easy to do, I get the shirts at the dollar store so they are cheap, how can you beat that!
Up next are some practice shirts I made for my daughters' soccer team. I am the coach of the team and thought that we needed some practice shirts.
I designed a retro feeling logo with Adobe Illustrator and cut it out of freezer paper with my cricut.
Using the cricut makes this a really easy process, even with placing all the insides of the letters and the soccer ball pieces, these shirts come together pretty quickly.

Since I got these shirts at the dollar store the whole project cost me less than $10.
I made myself and my best friend Janie (the assistant coach) both coach's shirts to match the team.

 At least with my freezer paper stenciling addiction I am coming away with some really cute shirts =)


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