Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kickin' Asphalt Shirts for the Diva Dash

I ran in my first race last month, it was a 5k obstacle race hosted by Shape Magazine called the Diva Dash.  My sister had signed up and created a team of friends to join her.
So we made team shirts! I designed the team logo using illustrator and used my cricut to cut out 5 designs from freezer paper.
Iron the freezer paper on to the shirts and this becomes a stencil to you to brush fabric paint (using a sponge brush)on to.  Let it dry and peal off the paper....

I also wanted our names on the back but since they were tank tops my placement was limited so I put our names across our bottoms =)

We looked great and had a great time!
I have really been on a freezer paper stencil kick lately, I just finished my 6 player soccer team's practice shirts also (next post!)

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