Saturday, March 10, 2012

Soccer Ball Necklaces

Clay Soccer Ball Necklace

I thought I would do a quick post on a little project I did this week for my 4 year old girl soccer team, the Jaybirds! I made some other soccer projects if you're interested: coach's bag for me, bag for my daughter, shirt sleeve holders, soccer supporter t-shirt, and soccer duffel bag for my son.

Clay Soccer ball Necklaces

I wanted to make something for the girls, something that wouldn't take too long (since there are 6 girls on the team) and wouldn't cost too much. So I thought I would make them soccer ball necklaces made of sculpty clay and ribbon.

I first rolled up balls of aluminum foil then covered them with the sculpty clay. Next I poked a hole with a toothpick. After baking the balls I painted them white, penciled out the design, then used a sharpie marker to color in the shapes. 

Clay Soccer Ball Necklaces

I clear spray painted all the balls to make them a little more durable (chip proof) and shiny.

Clay Soccer Ball Necklace

I think they turned out really cute! And it only took me a couple hours... not too bad considering the detail involved in the pattern.

Hope you all are staying dry this weekend!
Clay Soccer Ball Necklace


  1. I like that a lot! So did you just poke a hole through the foil part too?

    1. Yep! Will go right through, don't squeeze too hard or the ball won't stay a ball!
      Thanks for your comment!